September 27, 2008

Tinhorn Creek Gewurztraminer 2007

When we go to the Okanagan, we rarely stop at Tinhorn Creek. The reason is it's so easy to get their wine here in Alberta, and you pretty much know all of it will be very good. But if you've never been to the winery before it's definitely worth a visit.

Usually, all I can remember about a wine is the winemaker and the grape(s), if that. I generally don't pay too much attention to differences year to year, although I probably should start. There was a TC gewurz from 2003 or 2004 that was absolutely head and shoulders above anything else they've ever done. If we saw it on the shelf in the store we'd buy a couple of bottles, but it was hard to find. It was exceptional.

This 2007 is faintly reminiscent, a very nice drinkable wine but not a real showstopper. It has a fantastic bouquet that always reminds me instantly of early May in the "Golden Mile" between Oliver and Osoyoos. It smells very floral, spicy, fresh, a little sweet (more like honey instead of that musky lychee), and that's how the wine tastes to me as well. I don't think this one is a gold medal winner, but I'd sure love to find a bottle of it in the back of the fridge anytime. It's probably ideal as an almost-ice-cold drink on an almost-too-hot summer afternoon, but it's a cool fall day today and I don't see anyone complaining.

The worst thing about this wine is the blurb on the back label. "If this wine were human, it wouldn't wait for a special occasion to buy fresh flowers. It would listen to jazz in the car, full blast with the windows down. It would wear faded jeans. It would meet up with friends - in the hot tub. It would know that a sunny day is a good day - and that a sunny day with a good book is a perfect one." I don't mind anthropomorphizing a wine to describe its character, but c'mon. One point penalty for making me feel like a dorky loud-jazz-listener.

88 points. $16 at Superstore.

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