September 27, 2008

Nichol Vineyard Cabernet-Syrah 2004

This is the one we brought to the same dinner (see below), so we had two outstanding BC reds tonight.

We bought this from the vineyard a couple of years ago. I don't think we got to taste it then, but the two or three we did sample at Nichol were amazing so we purchased this one on spec. One of the guests was surprised at the blend of Cab and Syrah, but I think I've seen that before. In any event, it's a good mix, more assertive than the Burrowing Owl we also had but not too much. This wine probably goes best with a slab of beef of some kind, which fortunately we had this evening. It's been a few hours so my taste memory is a little poor; I can't throw around too many high-falutin' adjectives about it right now. Although I will say it had a great structure, maybe because it actually sat on our wine shelf for two years. I preferred this over the Burrowing Owl: it had a little more boldness to it, although both were mature, confident wines.

I think Nichol must be one of the best and most overlooked winemakers in the Okanagan. It might be due to the winery being located at the end of the road in Naramata, so you really have to go looking for it.

92 points. I think we paid about $30-35 for this one a couple of years ago. Life is good.

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