February 25, 2010

Doña Paula Shiraz Malbec 2008

P36810.jpgI recall another Doña Paula I wrote about a while back which was tasty, and this one is even better. It is rich and has the usual big Shiraz berry and mouthfeel, and plum from the Malbec, a really successful blend. Some other tasters noted chocolate and white pepper (I agree with the first, not the second). This would be awesome with red meat, which is too bad because I had a leftover steak and baked potato with a Guinness before I decided to open this last night during the Canada-Russia hockey game. Like Team Canada, it's a winner: rich, deep, passionate, and attacks the crease relentlessly (OK, that last one stretched the metaphor a bit too far, but you know what I mean).

And for the price the value is outrageous. We'll probably start buying this by the case.

91 points. $13.29 at Costco.

February 16, 2010

Santa Isabela Sauvignon Blanc

A well-constructed wine; I keep thinking of it in terms of what it is not. It's not very acidic for a sauv blanc, it's not too fruity or perfumy. It is quite drinkable. Maybe some hints of grapefruit/citrus and even mango, but really it's very subtle. Probably good with cheese or chicken dishes. A good wine for $15-18, outstanding at under $10.

88 points. 9.99.

February 5, 2010

Quinta Ferreira Mistura Branca 2008

This is a blend of 35% gewurtztraminer and 65% muscat, which actually works really well. The gewurtz cuts the muscat sweetness and the result is a rich, honey-like wine but not too syrupy like a straight-up muscat. It's a bit perfumed (the result of both grapes in the mix) but works well and I prefer it probably more chilled than it should be. For some reason I keep thinking it would go well with this coriander gouda cheese we used to get from the Strathcona farmers' market, and would definitely be a great and interesting match for a sweet curry and coconut rice.

The winery is also worth a visit if in the Oliver area. A great little family-run operation.

88 points. $20 from the winery.