February 5, 2010

Quinta Ferreira Mistura Branca 2008

This is a blend of 35% gewurtztraminer and 65% muscat, which actually works really well. The gewurtz cuts the muscat sweetness and the result is a rich, honey-like wine but not too syrupy like a straight-up muscat. It's a bit perfumed (the result of both grapes in the mix) but works well and I prefer it probably more chilled than it should be. For some reason I keep thinking it would go well with this coriander gouda cheese we used to get from the Strathcona farmers' market, and would definitely be a great and interesting match for a sweet curry and coconut rice.

The winery is also worth a visit if in the Oliver area. A great little family-run operation.

88 points. $20 from the winery.

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