September 27, 2008

Burrowing Owl Meritage 2005

Brought by some friends to dinner tonight. I wish we drank like this all the time. I could get used to it, but would probably end up in the poorhouse in a year or two.

From BOV's website: 2005 Meritage - Aromas of heady, smoky, mixtures of violets, cassis, blackberry, plums, vanilla, cloves, and toasty oak. On the palate, the wine is firm yet subtle, offering big, rich flavours, seamless texture and tremendous persistence of flavours.

I don't know which year we drank, but from the different tasting notes on their website I'm guessing the 2005. It wasn't too big and bold, and had a good - OK, great - balance. I've had a few different Burrowing Owl that ranged from really good to Oh My God, and this one was up there in a subtle but substantial way. A great partner to our meat-and-potatoes, but would probably be good with most anything remotely savoury, or on its own.

Remember: rhymes with "heritage". Nothing French about it.

91 points. Price unknown, but likely over $40.

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