November 26, 2013

Rustico Bonanza Old Vine Zinfandel 2009

Time to get back in the saddle with this blog, and might as well be metaphorically consistent by going to the Okanagan's wild west winery, Rustico. We spent an entertaining hour there a couple of years ago, with Cowboy Ken serving us several whiskey tumblers of wine, each with a little story to go with it. I remember the wines being average and the shtick laid on a little thick at times but it worked. Serious wine snobs can skip this place, most others would have a good time.

Maybe a couple of years in the cellar has turned this fairly good Zinfandel into a really good one. This one is a bit hot and heavy (14.3% alcohol) but it's big and mature enough to handle it. Sort of wish I had some steak tartare right now. I get some cherry and even a bit of strawberry with a whiff of sawdust, the label lists toast and cloves as well. This is a surprisingly delicious and elegant wine.

91 points. $30 or so at the wineshop across from the corral.

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