November 15, 2011

Coyote's Run Meritage 2008

When we travelled to Ontario this summer, we knew we'd be driving around both the Niagara and Prince Edward County regions so we brought a wine shipping box. However, the trip turned out to be mainly about visiting family, so we didn't actually find the time to visit any wineries. We did haul a few bottles back, but these were some last-minute selections hastily chosen from what may be the best liquor store in the world, the Summerhill LCBO in Toronto. I don't regret how we chose to spend our time in Ontario for a minute, but on the other hand we did pass up an opportunity to visit two of Canada's three main wine regions in person.

So, I feel like we owe one to eastern Canadian wines. Coyote's Run is a fairly well-known winery from Niagara-in-the-Lake, but not one I have ever tried. So on a whim I picked up the Meritage from the Superstore Liquorstore a couple of days ago. Let's dive in....

The Coyote's Run Meritage is dark purple and has a very compelling bouquet which I had a hard time putting my finger on but the back label correctly identifies as violet. The wine is a spicy blueberry concoction that would more than compliment any red meat or tomato pasta dish. I think there are hints of chocolate, leather and tobacco, but subtle enough to give this floral wine some depth without overpowering. I think this would be a killer if matched with the right food, maybe steak tartare. Very impressive. The next time there is rare meat on the menu I will look for this one.

91 points. $19 at Superstore.

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