December 19, 2008

Doña Paula Malbec 2007

This one showed up at our Christmas party - didn't see who brought it, but thanks very much. This is a new one for me, I've never even heard of the winery before. So let's pour a glass and write as we go....

Well: nice label, classy. Terrific deep garnet red colour. Smells amazing - rich, peppery and berries, but mostly earthy. First sips are similarly impressive: full and complex but not big and chewy, with a nice long black pepper finish. Somewhere between a good pinot noir and a jammy cabernet, a really nice Malbec (and I've had some pretty mediocre - OK, crappy - ones). I'm not sure what if anything you would eat with this, maybe something mild to contrast the robustness of the wine. Second glass and the mineral notes are coming through too. A nice one for tasting, an impressive one to give as a gift. Again, to the anonymous party guest who brought this - thanks!

89 points. A gift, but I'd guess around $20.

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